The Light & Dark Side of each Instinctual Stacking

The Seducer: Cultivates an attractive appearance and/or personality that entices and draws in possible suitors or their partner.
The Stalker: Obsesses over one love interest, follows their every move, and cannot let go if they break up with them.

The Revolutionary: With their passion leads their culture to a paradigm shift that will change the previous social norms for the better.
The Cult Leader: Uses their charisma for making people become devoted followers for self-aggrandisement purposes and/or a twisted cause.

The Social Butterfly: Easily makes new friends, and in their presence every social event becomes a more enriching, exciting one.
The Groupie: Tries to gain social status by sleeping and/or developing a relationship with someone of a higher status, like a musician or celebrity.

The Ambassador: Employs their social connections and capital to make the world a better place to live in, for example through charity and supporting environment-friendly organizations.
The Yuppie: Uses their social rank and power only for their own (monetary) gain.

The Minimalist: Lives simply, but effectively, and can help others and themselves with a no-nonsense view on things.
The Slave: Is endlessly stuck in a grueling job and sees no other purpose or greater meaning to life other than to work and survive.

The Individualist: Dances to the beat of their own drum, is unaffected by other people’s negative influences and can create a life according to their own ideals.
The Creep: Has no sense of etiquette nor common courtesy and repels others with their contrarian and dark viewpoints.

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